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Peloponnes als fruchtbare Ebene (entspricht laut Vinci dem dänischen Seeland die lange Insel Dulichion, die bei Ithaka liegen soll enalotto vincita und deren genaue Lokalisierung strittig ist, entspricht laut Vinci dem dänischen Langeland, eine Umkehrung der Flussströmung wie sie Homer beschreibt (Od.
Contents, gratta details of the carpi theory edit, according to Vinci, the, achaeans would have lived at the termini beginning of the 2nd millennium vincita BC on the coasts of the.According to his assumptions, the events told by Homer did not take place in the.Jean Cuisenier, Le Périple d'Ulysse, 2003, Fayard, Paris.9 After being held back in Ogygia lotto (identified with one of the Faroe Islands, following Plutarch's passage mentioned above 10 the Odyssey relates that, after seventeen days on the sea, Ulysses reached Scheria, home of the Phaiakians, described as a high rocky coast and densely.The Baltic Origins of Homer's Epic Tales is an essay written aams by, felice Vinci, a nuclear engineer and amateur historian, published for the first time in 1995.Among these, richiesta the Argonauts' journey, enalotto who are said to have reached Colchis sailing eastwards and arriving then at Aeaea, from where they came back to Greece going westwards.In addition, the discovered affinities in the book usually rest on simple assonances, without a real correspondence with the phonological processes of the concerned languages.11 Other myths edit According to Vinci, other enalotto Greek enalotto mythological tales are set in the same region.Greek mythology since wiki I was seven years richiesta old.According to Vinci, the ancient Troy used to rise on the top of a hill, surrounded by two rivers ( Simoeis and Scamander which join in the plain below, today flooded, a few kilometers from the sea.Also, the description Homer gives of climate would be more suitable for the Baltic regions.There is also a town nearby itis called Tyresö, whose name could concern the blind prophet Tiresias, who was active in Thebes.For instance, in the great battle between Achaeans and Trojans, linchpin of Iliad' s central books, the time of noon is"d at two different moments: in the author's opinion, this wouldn't vincita be a mistake: the battle would have simply continued for two consecutive days.The book was also translated richiesta into English (Felice Vinci, The Baltic Origins of Homer's Epic Tales.Mediterranean aams area, as the tradition asserts, but rather in the seas.Addresses: Home, rome, Italy.The Baltic Origins of Homer's Epic Tales: The i Iliad, /i reno the i Odyssey, /i and the Migration of Myth.00 avg rating 0 ratings, il meteorite iperboreo.The ancient Greek that I had airport studied in secondary school helped me very much. Personal: Born February 21, 1946; in Rome, Italy; son of Vincenzo (a doctor) and Lucia (an educator) Vinci; children: Vincenzo.
Im Westen Helsinkis liegen Ortsnamen die den Verbündeten Trojas und Troja selbst entsprechen: Askainen (Ascanius Karis ( Caria), Naesti (Nastes, der Anführer der Karer Lyoekki ( Lykien Tenala ( Tenedos Kiila (Cilla Raisio (Rhesus Kiikoinen (die Kikonen ) usw.
Quelltext bearbeiten, die von, homer beschriebene, topographie passt gut auf die gefundenen nördlichen Lokalitäten, wo sie im Mittelmeerraum zweifelhaft scheinen.

See also edit External links edit References edit Pages 1328 in the 2008 Italian edition Pages 269272 in the 2008 Italian edition Strabo, Geography,.1.27: " the ancient Ilios is not vinci located here.
Die Lichtverhältnisse sind dazu aufgrund der Polartage deutlich besser geeignet als spärliches Mondlicht in südlichen Breiten.