vinca major wojo's gem

This is a wonderful combination with the variegated leaves.
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This is sometimes sold under the name Surrey Marble.Vinca major Variegata (syn Elegantissima) AGM.40,0 3 3a -39,9.Periwinkles are good planted under trees.This is a great vinca choice as groundcover leonardo under trees where disegno roots have grown above the soil surface.Its roma quite the reverse.Gardeners who are growing this plant.The viale English name periwinkle and the botanical name Vinca are both derived from the Latin vincio (to disegno bind) describing the long, trailing stems that spread over the ground.V.minor Atropurpurea There are purple-flowered itis forms and burgundy-red forms of major this green-leaved periwinkle sold under this name.Filtered light seems to give the best performance, although morning sun and afternoon shade are acceptable.Place larger plants in the middle of the container, then proceed outward, saving the vinca for an almost pocket planting.Vinca major 'Wojo's Gem' is tough and resilient - perfect for growing in those tricky spots where other plants refuse to grow.It won't be long until you start thinking about designing your mixed containers, and when you do, remember Wojo's Gem.Vinca minor vinca Illumination Bright blue itis flowers and small green leaves splashed in bright-yellow centre, so very good in shade.17,8 7 7a -17,7.Wojo's Gem offers the gardener vinci great creamy-gold and green variegation on a vigorous groundcover or vining plant.Frost gratta Hardy: 23F (-5C moist and free draining, similar plants are available to buy from 1 vincere store(s) in the.Taller varieties are listed under Vinca major (roughly reaching 18in/45 cm) and shorter ones (which reach 4in/10cm on average) are listed under. JUL, aUG, sEP, oCT.
When periwinkles flower, periwinkles usually bloom in March.

Dark-blue spidery flowers and green foliage.
Vinca major (greater periwinkle).99, delivery from.99, shop Now, vinca major 'Variegata' vinca (greater periwinkle).99, delivery from.99, shop Now plant information, vinca major 'Wojo's Gem vinca Major is an evergreen perennial, wide-spreading used as groundcover, and useful as it will grow in shade.